Posted by: alainnneart | August 13, 2009

Father of mine, tell me where have you been?

yes, as I eluded to yesterday, SC’s father has waltzed back into our lives.  I could get into the reasons why we are no longer together but let’s just summerize it like this: not a nice guy and mentally ill.

SC sees his father now about 1.5 days a week.  That’s what the judge gave him a long time ago but it’s only recently that he has become interested in taking it.  It makes me a little worried, the sudden interest.  But, whether I like it or not, he is SC’s father.  SC is also very smart.  Guess he takes after me there, because he already can see what his father is.  He calls McG dad sometimes and McG is fine with that (or at least I think he is)

But it’s the nightmares that are bothering me.  Not that I think that anything is happening at his father’s house, but it’s the lack of communication and absolute blank of 1.5 days that bothers me.


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