Posted by: alainnneart | August 12, 2009

Sleep, don’t weep, my sweet…love.


He used to love going to bed.  He has a bunk bed he would jump on several times and then settle down, say prayers (“OH GOD! THANK YOU!”), and snuggle his rabbit to sleep.

No more.  Recently, it has become a challenge for him to go to sleep.  He needs the light on.  Not the nightlight, but the LIGHT.  He begs me not to leave the room.  I sit quietly on the floor, letting him hold onto my ponytail for comfort, until he passes out.  I sneak out of the room and go to my office to finish charts or notes from work, followed by a quick shower and then bed for me.

But everytime I open the bathroom door, I quietly whisper my own secret prayer.  Sometimes it’s answered.  Other times, I find wound tightly in my patchwork quilt, SC.  He dozes with a look of concern on his face, drool spilling onto my pillow.  I know that he will enevitably awaken with a nightmare, so i let him sleep in my bed.  It’s the steady breathing out and in that lulls me into a restless night of dreamless sleep.

And sure enough, as dawn approaches, he cries out.  It’s another nightmare.  I lull him back to sleep, whispering softly that everything is all right.  The monsters are not real.  and then I ponder, why the sudden change?  It doesn’t take my long to put two and two together.   All his fears started when Daddy dear waltzed back into his life.



  1. Aw, that breaks my heart. Poor kid. That, combined with a growing imagination, can make for some scary nights!

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