Posted by: alainnneart | August 7, 2009

Song for a winter’s night…

Now, don’t panic.

I lost my blackberry.  Uh-huh… you heard that right.  I lost my blackberry.  Now, it’s not even that I am worried about my phone book being out to the whole world or anything.  No, I think most people would be worried that I have a calendar on the blackberry that, well, has my patient’s schedules in it.

Now, anyone who works in the medical field can tell you that this could be a massively huge lawsuit and HIPPA violation to the extreme.  But have we not already determined I am not your typical medical person?

I will come off sounding conceited, but I am smart.  How smart? Erm… I have skipped a few grades.  I have a few degrees.  My brother calls me Doogie.  You get the idea.  However, being smart has been a real pain in my ass.  Why?  No one takes you seriously!!  Why?  Because you are young and look even younger then you are.  People have trouble taking me seriously.

This has changed in the past few years as my hair grays a little and those wrinkles begin to form more in my forehead, but still… I find my child patients like me a lot because I am “young and hip” (oh yeah, if only you knew…)

There is a reason why I am explaining all this.  And yes, it does bleed into the massive fuck up of losing my blackberry.  All my patients are on my blackberry.  All the times I see them. No medical information, of course, but when the appointments are.

However, legal is not worried at all.  Why?  Because I am smart. As we have determined, I listen to a lot of music.  Naturally, I am always humming songs. Every patient I have is assigned a song in my head that describes them.  So of course, my schedule looks something like this:

Friday August 7, 2009

9am- angry any more
930am- save me
1015am- playboy mommy
1045am- handlebars
1130am Say hey
12pm disarm

You get the idea.  Legal thought it was the best idea they had hear in quite awhile.

See, I told you that I was smart.



  1. Hmm…makes me wonder… if I were your patient, what it might say in the time slot for our appointment….

  2. dunno. I would have to get to know you first. then it’s usually what ever I happen to be listening to on the iPod while doing charts. 🙂

  3. That’s brilliant! I hope you get it back…

  4. nahhhh….. long gone and already replaced.

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