Posted by: alainnneart | July 15, 2009

All my words are bound to fail

Received notice toady that Mary has become a little more down trodden.  I flash to remembering when it was announced at our Monday morning meeting about the Cancer.  Heather tried to form the words and her mouth just gaped, open and closed and open and closed, trying to make sense of her announcements.

the tears that she was spilling was enough to warn us that something indeed was VERY wrong.  Finally, she turned to Elaine on her right ans said, choked up, “I can’t.”  Elaine, a woman from Brooklyn, and a very tough woman at that, simply turned to us at the table and said, “Mary’s cancer is back.  it’s in her liver and stomach.”

Tonight, I wonder to myself, when did we get so cold and clinical?  Our friend Mary, and this is how the proverbial “bomb is dropped”.  This is what I am thinking of tonight.



  1. Wow, reading that reminded of a phone message I once received on voicemail. My daughter was a brain cancer patient, had been for years. I took her to the endocrinologist for testing, as the radiation was compromising her brain’s ability.

    At question were many different issues, one of them being about Olivia’s future reproductive wellness.

    I hit the play button on my machine and heard:

    “Mrs. T, this is Dr C. The results came back and I wanted to let you know that Olivia will not be able to conceive children. Call me if you have any questions.”

    I didn’t call HER again!

  2. Jeez, WON, that’s HARSH. There’s no excuse for that, is there?

    Alain, I’m sorry.

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