Posted by: alainnneart | July 14, 2009

Hit me baby one more time

A few nights ago. a few of the guys that I work with asked me if I wanted to go to a concert with them.  I figured that I needed a little “adult time” so I found a sitter and took the spare ticket to the Tori Amos concert.  I am a fan of hers, but not nearly to the degree that my colleagues are.

After kissing SC goodbye and thanking my sitter for showing up on short notice, we ventured across the bridge to Oakland. (I should say under the bay by way of BART) She was playing at the historic Paramont Theater.  The theater it’s self is a sight to see, refurbished and renovated back to the 1930s art style.  And the seats were amazing.

The show it’s self was also exquisite.  My favorite part, however, was when she started doing a cover.  She made the audience guess what she was doing, who she was talking about.  I had no idea.  When she began to play the piano it was a slow but fierce pounding of the keys.  She was singing Brittany Spears “one more time”.

I will publicly admit I find Brittnay Spears to be annoying.  I am not one for bubble gum pop.  But then came her kids and her very public breakdown and I saw her in a new light: Pity.  She has pressures that I cannot imagine.  She has severe post partumn depression, amplified by a failing marriage and is under the microscope of fame.  I pity her.

The song was very poient when it was sung at the concert for me in other ways as well.  For when Tori got to the last line in her slow ballad version of the song, she changed the lyrics to “Hit me baby, you always do, hit me baby one more time”.  Instantly, I was back to when SC was born, that one night in a sweltering June, where I realized it was time to leave him. SC was just beginning to walk, at 9 months.  I was so proud that he and I walked together.

It was a good decision, a hard one, but the best one I have ever made.  And now Stephan and I will never be hurt again.


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