Posted by: alainnneart | July 9, 2009

The broken clock is a comfort

ahhh…. On call starting tonight.  perhaps in a few days I can come back and blog some more.  I am slightly blushing over all te hits that came from kissing time.  thank you.

I will have more interesting things to say later, like tomorrow.  Promise.  Like how SC has discovered the difference between boys and girls.  OH MY!



  1. This is so funny, because I didn’t realize who you were when you commented, “Blushing” today! Glad you got some hits; I think your blog is a gem.

    No, I did not go to BlogHer last year; I was dying to, and as I recall, I was actually IN SF near that time. My niece married her Mr.Wonderful. In fact, they might be your neighbors! They live in Berkeley. She’s an amazing, wonderful, delightfully-charming child psychologist doing a … um….post-post doctorate (Fellowship??), and he is an incredibly good-looking architect who is going to change the world. Sound like anyone you know?? 🙂

    Can’t wait to hear that story!

  2. well now I am really blushing!

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