Posted by: alainnneart | June 28, 2009

Circles and circles and circles again…

Today I went to the movies…. With Gent.  Yes, the guy who thinks I am wonderful but doesn’t want to be in anything serious… blah… blah …blah…  We went to see transformers, being children of the 80s of course, and it was awful.

But I am not here to talk about awful movies that were made just for the sake of blowing things up; I am here to talk about boys and stupidity.  If you are not interested in dating a girl and just want to be “friends” don’t send her a text message when she is walking after getting off Muni saying:

“BTW, your butt just called me to say hi.  It was very cute…. Like it always is☺”

For the record, my phone was in my hand with my keys so my keys must of hit the button.  Not my ass.  So technically, it wasn’t a booty call.

Another thing, and ladies please correct me if I am wrong here, but do you sit at a diner and start talking about sex shops with all your guy friends after a very long, bad movie where things are blowing up for the sake of blowing things up?  Because somehow we got on the subject of the sex store around the corner and going to random sex shops.  It is Pride weekend in SF and lots of folks were walking around downtown in various getups which could have been how we got on the subject but still, really?

Anyway, it wasn’t a date, but it was nice to have adult time, even if SC was just at his grandparent’s house.  Even if it was confusing.  Even if the movie was horrid.


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