Posted by: alainnneart | June 27, 2009


Today is a joyous day in who-ville. I turned in my on-call pager and stepped outside the hospital to a bursting clarity of warm air and happy feelings. A giant weight was lifted from my chest, one that has been crushing down on me for several days now, and drifted off into space. The breeze was warm and friendly in this small city, so SC and I decided that we would go to the park and play ball.

Sure enough, we ran for hours through the fields of golden gate park. We chased the soccer ball until we were hot and sweaty, collapsing under our favorite Oak tree for juice and crackers. We lay out on the blanket I had brought with us, under our oak tree, and laughed at the leaves that made funny shapes above us. SC saw ducks flapping their wings in the leaves as they wafted gently in the breeze. I saw cats chasing the ducks, which in turn turned into butterflies.

We laid under the tree for quite sometime, SC’s head resting on my stomach, my voice reading fairy tales to him. After awhile, I realized that he was asleep, drifting away into a perfect land where the hero is always right. I let him sleep, snuggled next to me, as I read on in our fairy tale book, listening to the quiet of the park, only punctured a few times with the sound of voices and laughter.

The park was still in the long summer day. Peaceful. The dragonflies buzzed in the sky, music in the distance. For once, the noises in my head stopped their relentless screeching and bickering. I closed my eyes and slept, my arms locked tightly around SC. All I need to be happy and healthy in my crazy life was with me under our Oak tree.



  1. What a perfect day. It sounds wonderful.

    • and you know that SC misses his auntie. 🙂 You should see him now all grown up and running around!!

  2. I’m happy for you; sounds wonderful.

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