Posted by: alainnneart | June 26, 2009

A big step

Today I did something that I don’t often do: I put in a request for a vacation.  I am not sure what is wrong with me these days but I feel an incredible amount of burn out occurring.  I wish I could say I am satisfied with my job but I am not.  I am only happy when SC and I are at home playing or at the park.

I recently discovered I don’t have energy to keep up with the precocious child.  SC finds it entertaining to look deeply into everything that he sees.  he is in wonder about the world, bringing me leaves and asking why they are red, chasing the butterflies through the park and just in general being inquisitive.  I don’t have answers for him after awhile.  I understand how my parents must have been frustrated with my younger brother and I asking “why? why? why?” all the time now.

As for the vacation, for the first time in many years, I will actually travel somewhere with SC.  Some where beautiful.  Some where new.  Some where that is so still that I will be able to hear my inner voice and decide what’s next in our lives.  Maybe to Vermont.  Or Maine.



  1. Wisconsin is nice. Just kidding; I love it here, but there are better places to take SC. I’m glad you’re going to take a vacation; that’s what healthy people do, you know 🙂

    And as for those questions, another way to respond, rather than giving him answers, is to ask, “What do YOU think?” That gets wonderful results you often don’t expect.

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