Posted by: alainnneart | June 25, 2009

The day the (pop) music died

Let’s look back….
Before the acquittal. Before the accusations. Before the children that had to wear masks. Before the bankruptcy. Before the tours.  Before the divorces. Before the marriages. Before dangling the children. Before the skin lightening. Before the “black and white” shocking ending the world couldn’t stop talking about.  Before Nirvana knocked the album off the number 1 pedestal ushering in the world of grunge.  Before “Scream” with his sister.  Before the man in the mirror. Before weird al parodies. Before Captain Eao.  Before accident shooting a commercial.  Before Billie Jean and Thriller.  Before the 70s and disco. Before the brother’s formed a group.

There was simply a boy who wanted to entertain.  And entertain the world he did.  Yes, the self-proclaimed King of Pop has died and I feel obligated in a strange way to write what I think about it (probably like every other blogger right now)

I remember having Michael Jackson being part of my childhood.  I learned the thriller dance and the video scared the hell out of my brother and I.  I remember being 17 and at a party dancing it in the middle of the street on a still and silent November night.  We didn’t need music because, whether or not we will admit it now, we all know the words.  Before SC was born, every Halloween party I went to would show the video and we all, all the adults there, would magically be drawn to it, like moths to a bright flame, to watch.  For a minute, we were kids again.

I find it ironic that in 2008, on the Halloween in the city where the breeze blew warm and mysterious, when little goblins and ghosts flitted through the streets of SF, and the and the air was filled with a stillness and foreboding feeling, I went to bed after trick or treating and noted that despite all the music played that day, I had not heard thriller.  It seems Disturbia had replaced, much like Nirvana did in 91, knocking the king from his number one spot in the charts, the classic Thriller. As I drifted off to sleep, I wondered if the music would ever play again or if this was the beginning of a new era?

Michael Jackson.  A man who wanted to eternally be a boy.  Who lived in a place called Never Land.  It seems fitting he should die so young.  Truly fitting, the man who never grew up.


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