Posted by: alainnneart | June 10, 2009

Summer in the city

We took Muni downtown to escape the dullness of the city neighborhood today. Part of the joys of being forced to take one day off a week by my government in order to help out this bankrupt state I suppose. It does not, however, help out that much as there is less money in my pocket to help “stimulate the economy.”

SC spent the time on the bus pretending to surf. It’s a common knowledge that the bus drivers in San Francisco must pass the “crazy test” in order to be a driver. The short stops, sudden merges, running lights and nearly killing people on the sidewalks almost seem like a prerequisite. Still, watching SC enjoy the ebb and flow of the driver’s antics brought a smile to many faces in the vicinity.

We spent the day riding the various trolley cars around the city. Only a dollar fifty with my bus transfer and free for SC, who is not quite five yet. Up and down the step hills we traveled, rails rattling in the distance. Block by block, the weather changed, as if schizophrenic. One moment it was blazing hot, so hot that SC asked me to turn off the sun; the next moment blanketed by fog so chilling that your bones creaked and ached with the sudden contrast.

When finished, we sat at the cable car turn around and chased the pigeons. SC took his lovey and chased all the winged rats until they all took flight, leaving him far below in a wave of frantic beating of wings, blowing his unkempt brown bangs across his eyes. His smile was radiant. The joy was spilling from him. The birds soared, circling in formation like trained carrier pigeons, always returning to their origins, if not a few feet away. It was as if they were waiting for SC to run at them again.

We stopped on the way home at one of the hundreds of strabucks that plague the city. SC got a cookie and chocolate milk; I had my usual latte. We smiled and laughed and played silly games while waiting for the bus to bring us home again. On the bus, SC curled his large body up on my lap and fell asleep. Although he is too large and too old to be sitting in my lap, I cherished the quiet moment, breathing in his scent, relishing the memory.


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