Posted by: alainnneart | June 1, 2009


I feel so exhausted. perhaps it’s the emotions at work. perhaps it’s the hidden and constant thought of Mary at her home. Perhaps it’s SC, who is going through another growth spurt but I can quite honestly say that I feel nothing but exhaustion. But with that exhaustion comes the fact that I can’t sleep. Is it even possible to be so tired that you can’t sleep?

I have so much to do and yet I find myself sitting in front of the TV and computer, the lazy american that I am, doing nothing but either surfing bullshit websites, reading status updates on facebook or twitter, or watching re-runs of two and a half men. All are oh-so-productive. I think this reason comes from dealing with too much. I cried in my car all morning thinking about Mary. I barely held it together when in meetings with clients. I just can’t shake this sense of doom.


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