Posted by: alainnneart | May 31, 2009

The weather is cold and cranky. I don’t want to get out of bed so here I am, blogging away, on my laptop that is technically bought for work.

I didn’t sleep well last night. Perhaps it’s because it’s the middle of winter. The fog has not lifted in the city and surrounding areas for over two weeks. it has not been over 55 degrees at all. I am cold and tired, my should aching from the old sports injury, making me realize that I am no longer very young either.

I had a dream last night about Mary. She was so beautiful. I had never seen her looking so alive and young. It was before the cancer robbed her body of strength and her spirit of hope. I half way expected when I woke up this morning there would be a message on my cell phone saying that Mary had passed in the night. but there are no missed calls and no new messages. I breathe another sigh of relief.


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