Posted by: alainnneart | September 22, 2008

And the things you can’t remember tell the things you can’t forget

Yesterday, SC and I went to the Kite Festival in SF.  It was amazing.  There are so many kites in the air.  The homemade type the kids made at the “do it yourself” booth sponsored by the local news station.  The large, so large that they look as if they fell upon you; you would be lost under a parachute of material kites.  The simple plastic power ranger and spider man kites you buy at the local wallgreens.  The amazing professional trick kite flyers, with stunts and the ability to make their kites look as though they are alive and running in their own minds.

Last year, MG and I took SC to the festival.  SC was 18 months old.  He was more fascinated by the new stroller he had.  He kept trying to crawl into it, his little strawberry head slowly getting sunburned because he wouldn’t wear his hat.  I have pictures from that day, where SC has laid down on my back, while I laid, soaking in the rare sunlight in the marina.

This year was a different story.  SC is now a year older and wiser.  He became fascinated immediately with the amazing colors that lined the sky as we arrived at Marina Green.  He pointed, “oooooooo-ing”, at not only the amazing kites, but the jumpy houses that were also provided for the children (Ironically, he wouldn’t go into them, which is always a bit odd because they are always one of his favorites.)

We walked up the green to where one of the stunt kite flyers was just beginning to fly h is large kite.  SC stopped and pointed saying “mommy!  Look!”  The stunt flyer lowered his kite until it was sitting, not even a foot away from SC.  Smile child held my leg and laughed.  As he reached his hand out to touch the kite, it gracefully lifted into the air and flew above our heads towards the son.  SC squealed with joy and clapped his hands laughing.  He ran forward a few steps and then back to my leg as the kite flew quickly back to his feet and hovered, turning pinwheels, a few feet above the ground.

I sat down and let SC play with his new friend.  Every time SC almost reached it, his friend would spook and soar into the sky, running quickly away from him.  SC just laughed and played.  I watched, truly capturing the moment and enjoying it all.  The music that the stage in the center of the field began playing “time” in a piano ballad loudly.  It was the perfect moment.  I felt the tears well up in my eyes as my growing son chased the kite around the field.

It’s a shame that X will never experience such beautiful moments.  I pity him.  I truly pity him. because soon, little things like Kite Day’s in SF won’t impress SC.  And it will be gone.

So close your eyes dear, this won’t hurt a bit


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