Posted by: alainnneart | September 9, 2008


that’s right, no witty or poetic titles to this post.

I don’t believe in signs.  Just has to put that out there.  Once upon a time, I believed in signs.  Fairy tales as well, but now you can consider me a little jaded.

Tonight I had a date.  That is what this is leading up to.  I had a date with a boy tonight.  Not MG.  But a single dad.  We weren’t expecting much, just a pint and conversation to talk about our lives and kids.  Not too much info because this is the real world and the first time I have met him.  I protect SC first and foremost.

We had a lot in common.  Both of us have lost parents.  We know the same areas.  Like the same music.  Laugh at the corny jokes.  Drink the same beer.  Fun stuff.  He’s older then me (by 4.5 years, which means that he graduated from college when I was graduating from high school.  Strange, I have always dated younger boys.

That’s when the bombshell hit me.  I asked when he was born.  Turns out he was born March 16th.

Oh no. No no no no no no no no no no no no no!!!

That would happen to be the same day as my ex husband.  I nearly choked on my beer.  I mentioned it and he says, “Are you kidding me?”  Nope.  Not kidding.  He didn’t seem to freak.  However, deep in the back of my head, I wonder if there is a sign here?


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