Posted by: alainnneart | September 7, 2008

You are a stranger now to me, lost in the dangling conversation…

MG is bothering me.

There is something about him that has just been getting under my skin like nails on a chalkboard.  Maybe it’s just we are too different.

The back-story with MG is a met him a few years ago after my divorce.  We dated, if you could call it that, for 8 months.  Then I broke up with him because it seemed to me that all he wanted was a booty call.  He never spoke of me to his friends.  Never told me if he felt anything. Never mentioned me to his family.  After 8 months, I am calling shenanigans on him.  It’s bullshit.

It was perhaps my fault four months after we broke up and were still hanging out that I made the mistake of starting a sexual relationship with him again.  For five months I was in the place of his friend with benefit or fuck buddy.  After this long amount of time, I told him how I was beginning to feel (is it love?  What the hell?) he shot me down saying “we don’t communicate well and we can’t be dating.  Let’s go back to what ever we were.”

When I got that email I said to myself, “Ali, what the hell are you doing?  You are 31 years old!  You are getting too old for this bullshit teenage mentality of boys who are not going to want anything but sex. Time to have more respect for yourself then this.  After all, is this not why you divorced CB?  Plus, think about SC.  You can’t be there in a spot where he becomes attached to someone who is not going to want to be there in the future.”

And so I stopped sleeping with him.  MG still comes over.  We hang out.  We watch TV, eat, read, drink and laugh, but I have too much respect for myself to sleep with him.  Last night we went to the theater (IT WAS NOT A DATE) and  had fun.  He spent the night and we hang out today.

But there is something that is different.  His sarcastic and joking puny humor in every situation is really making me annoyed.  A pun for every thing I say?  A sarcastic remark?  It’s not banter when it’s one sided.

In short, he is driving me nuts.  The final straw was at trader Joe’s today.  I had completed my grocery shopping and turned to him and simply said, “I am done, is there anything you want?”

“there is always something I want.”

I looked away and continued, ignoring the subtle innuendo, “but is there anything you need?”

“here? No.”

It’s a shame that he drives me nuts because he is a nice guy, but I can’t even talk to him anymore with out a sexual innuendo and myself barely being able to control the urge to strangle him.



  1. Good. Move on. 🙂 You deserve so much better!!

  2. Ali, this guy sounds like he needs a wakeup call. I have a pain in the a, but he is one. …!
    Power to you!

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