Posted by: alainnneart | September 6, 2008

I feel the earth move under my feet…

Tonight I went with MG to see the musical Spring Awakening.  It was playing downtown at the Curran Theater on Geary and as it was a “preview”- also called a glorified dress rehearsal- we got some kick ass seats in the mezzanine for 50 bucks.

I sort of had an idea what the musical was about.  I read the summery on wikipedia.  I had heard, maybe, two songs from the show.  I was expecting something good. However, I will mention that it was a little weird and just a smidgen uncomfortable to be sitting next to an ex who still wants to sleep with you but you have no intention of sleeping with again in this rather graphic show.  It’s strange.  While the show was great, it didn’t live up to the hype for me.

However, what was interesting is at maybe ten minutes before the intermission an earthquake hit us.  A good old 4.2 quake rocked the ancient theater.  The whole audience murmured and the actors, true professionals as they were, continued on with the show.  Ironic, because that is right about where the very graphic sex is beginning. I guess the earth does move for some people.

MG… we will have to discuss my minor (?) annoyances with him later.


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