Posted by: alainnneart | September 6, 2008

Could be…. who knows….

There is something absolutely wondrous about Ex picking up SC from day care.  Perhaps it’s that SC ran to the door to see who it was.  Perhaps it’s that he ran back and jumped in my lap saying “nononononono!!!”

Maybe it was because when I arrived a few minutes earlier, he ran to the door screeching “moooooommmmmmmmyyyyyy coming!!!!”  Maybe it’s that he burst into my arms with a shout of joy and a blast of sheer energy I can only liken to the quick back draft of a forest fire.

It could be that he wanted to hug me and not Ex.  That he wanted to show me his daily events and play ball with me. It could be that Ex tried to distract him at first, but it always came back to him running to my lap, and wrapping my arms around him in a protective stance.

Anyway, SC is off with his father for a few days now and I get my monthly break from him.  MG and I are heading to the theater tonight.  We are seeing Spring Awakening down at the Curran.  It’s one of the “preview nights”, which is a fancy term for a dress rehearsal run through before opening night.  Tickets are cheap and it’s fun to go to.  After all, who can turn down a night about sex, pregnancy, abortion, molestation, suicide, puberty, and repression?  Actually, this is an amazing show, I have heard.  Let’s see if it knocks my favorite musical (you know, the one about AIDS, homelessness, art, lesbians, gay, transgender, drug addicted folk) off it’s pedestal.


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