Posted by: alainnneart | August 28, 2008

Everything is illuminated.

beautiful is not a word that I use often. Pretty, sure. Nice looking, every once and awhile. but beautiful? never use that word. maybe it’s because there is so much loaded into the word. My first love told me I was beautiful. Yeah, that lasted.

but yesterday was a beautiful moment in my life with SC. once again, the weather in our city has surprised me. it’s become the beautiful, warm california weather you would expect instead of the dingy cold that infiltrates my sight and lungs 10 months out of the year.

Yesterday afternoon, SC and I walked to the park. the sun was so bright we settled on his blanket under a giant tree in the park. what was magical about the scene was the moment where we were laying there, looking at the sun filtering through the leaves on the trees, one of my iPod’s ear buds in my ear, one in his.

we listened to the music and watched as the sun danced over us. he laughed as the tree leaves fell on us. he fell asleep holding my hand and listening to “Sleep, don’t weep”. I laid there for an hour, listening to his steady breathing, his slight snore, his babbling whispers. He is my love.


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