Posted by: alainnneart | August 13, 2008

Sign of the times.

Today I gave in and bought an iPod.  In my opinion, it’s kind of a frivolity in reality for me.  I would love to listen to music at work and drone out the idiots that bother me.  Music does calm me a lot.  I have a soundtrack to my life in my head.  But still, I dropped over 200 dollars on a Product (red) iPod.  I figured, if I am going to be spending so much money I might as well do the charity route and feel a little redeemed about being a greedy American.

SC was with me and, of course, he wreaked havoc on the apple store at stones town mall.  He actually broke one of the wires on the display.  What do you expect?  He’s two and a half!  He’s hyper!  But over all, he can charm anyone in the store with that smile of his.

I bought the nano.  This way I have a way of showing people my pictures of SC while relaxing and not going postal at work.  I also bought the protection plan because, let’s face it, my SC is a bit of a handful.  I still have flashbacks to seeing him when he was almost two laughing at something in the toilet.  Closer inspection revealed my cell phone.

Son of a….

Tonight, while watching his favorite movie (Cars) for the 7,375,256,342 time I decided to listen to my iPod.  Well, SC would have none of that.  He took one of my headphones and held it to his ear.  His expression changed.  He pulled it away from his ear and stared at in wonder.

Now, I must say, at one point when I was pregnant I DID have an iPod.  I had one of those shitty little shuffles (the one that looked like chewing gum).  I used to drive in my car with the headphone stuck neatly in my expanding stomach’s belly button.  I pumped tunes into the belly button to calm SC while doing the arduous commute to work.  He loved U2 and Coldplay.  Green day always had him jumping around.  The Garden State Soundtrack calmed him.  James Blunt always had him swaying in my belly.

I wondered if SC was remembering that when he was looking at the earphone tonight in wonder.  He immediately pulled it back to his ear and held out his hand for the other ear bud.  Carefully, he placed them both over his ears and laid back and stared off.  His head was bouncing.  I noted that Coldplay was on.

I guess it’s the sign of the times that SC looked like he was absolutely freaking in love with the iPod.  I think it’s amazing.


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